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How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria 2021

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

I recall my first year at university a few years back. I didn’t want to be reliant on my parents for basic necessities, even as a medical student.

As a Nigerian student, you must be able to earn money via a legitimate side business. It may be via the use of a soft skill or the provision of services to pupils.

After graduation, the Nigerian economy does not depend on credentials. As you may be aware, there are few employment openings on the market.

It is for this reason that graduates urge kids to acquire a trade that will enable them to support themselves when they leave school.

In this article, I’ll show you how to earn money while still in school as a Nigerian student.

Have faith in me. There are a variety of options for making excellent money on your campus.

Despite the country’s economic condition, many people earn a lot of money on a daily basis.

I’ve also included some recommendations and resources to help you learn how to generate money while at school.

You may also have a look at our step-by-step guide on making money online as a student.

You will find this article useful whether you are a medical, engineering, art, or agricultural student.

If you have any queries, please leave them in the comments section. I will contact you as soon as I am able.

How to Make Money in School as A Student in Nigeria

Here are some practical methods for a Nigerian student to earn money while in school:

  1. Photocopy and Printing Business
  2. Photography
  3. Hairdressing
  4. Off-Campus Lodge Agent
  5. Makeup Artist
  6. Music DJ
  7. Hype Man MC
  8. Baker
  9. Term Paper & Assignment
  10. Modelling
  11. Ushering Service
  12. Scholarship
  13. Catering & Food Services
  14. Event Decoration & Interior Design
  15. Internet Data Reselling
  16. Soap and Disinfectant Production
  17. Phone & Computer Repair
  18. Sell Clothes
  19. Barbing Salon Services
  20. Sew Clothes (Fashion Design)
  21. Bouncing Services
  22. Teach Choreography
  23. Dry Cleaning/Laundry
  24. Organize Tutorials
  25. Exercise/Gym Instructor
  26. Music Lesson
  27. Event Planner
  28. Become a Music Artist
  29. Music Composer
  30. Home Tutor

Photocopy and Printing Business

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

For kids at school, photocopying and printing is a lucrative business.

Doing photocopies for other students in their hostels may make you a lot of money.

Nigerian students photocopy or print out various materials on a daily basis.

Hard copies are used for everything from first-year clearance papers to lecture materials.

Here’s the rub: there’s a catch.

I recall seeing advertising in front of my hostel in my first year offering to print four pages for N20.

At the time, the price seemed astounding. The cost of a copy at the school’s computer center is N10.

I began printing with the student who runs the company on that day.

You may earn money by photocopying and printing for students as well.

For the company, you’ll need a decent printer.

Purchase a printer that is inexpensive to run.

Place your poster at the hostel’s entrance as advertising. Make sure your room number is included in your advertisement.


How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

As a student on campus, photography is one of the greatest methods to make money.

Despite the fact that we now all have cellphones with excellent cameras. For birthdays and other festivities, students always want to take a photo at a studio.

You have the chance to earn money as a student photographer. You are permitted to photograph activities like matriculation and convocation ceremonies.

For their important occasions, Nigerian students would usually desire a professional photograph. It is for this reason that photography is a profitable industry.

Taking passport photos is another method to earn money with photography.

For their first-year clearance, new students utilize a large number of passports.

You may pick your passports at the clearing location.

Learning Photography

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

In Nigeria, the cost of studying photography at a picture studio is 50,000 naira.

However, you may teach yourself photography by looking up how to take photos online.

On YouTube, you may find a plethora of photography lessons. Taking online classes may help you become a professional photographer.

Equipment for Photography

This is the equipment for the campus photography company;

  • Digital Camera
  • Portable Compact Photo Printer
  • Tripod Stand
  • Polarizing Filter
  • Fast Prime Lens
  • Digital Camera Bag
  • Spare Camera Batteries
  • Memory Cards
  • Camera Strap


To start a photography company in school, you don’t need all of these things. For your photography company, you may rent a digital camera.

Begin by ordering a digital camera and a portable picture printer from the internet.


How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

In universities and polytechnic campuses, hairdressing is a profitable industry. It is a profitable method for students to earn money.

I know a lot of my colleagues who work as hairdressers at the hostel.

Regardless of Nigeria’s economic condition, female students aspire to appear attractive.

The newest braids and attachments are popular among women.

You are paid well to do hair for the women at your hostel or off-campus lodging.

Learning Hairdressing

Many hairdressers in school learned their trade at home before coming to school.

So, if you don’t know how to create hair, you can learn how to do it online.

However, learning how to plait hair during the holidays is the ideal method. It’s ideal if you sign up as an apprentice in a hair salon near your home.

Hairdressing is a skill that you may learn and practice with your housemates. After that, you may pursue a career as a professional hairdresser.

Off-Campus Lodge Agent

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

As a student, you may earn money by working for an off-campus lodging service.

Many students attempt to find housing at the start of each academic session. This particular group of kids does not want to remain at the school’s dormitory.

By linking students with caretakers or landlords, you may work as a housing agency.

All you need to do is be extremely familiar with the off-campus area.

Meet with the landlord and the caregivers. Notify them that you may obtain them for a commission charge, as student tenants.

Getting a student an off-campus lodging may cost up to ten thousand nairas (N10,000).

Consider how much money you’ll earn if you enroll 10 pupils in a week.

Your target market for your company is first-year students. They are those who are serious about finding a place to stay.

Consult with your department’s or faculty’s lodge agents. They will help you with the company.

Makeup Artist

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

Makeup artists are becoming more popular on Nigerian university campuses. If you are skilled in the application of makeup, you may earn a lot of money.

There must be at least one birthday celebration, dinner night, or party to attend at the hostel.

On these important occasions, ladies want to appear beautiful. They typically want to make up for the photo shoot they had for their birthday.

The best thing is that the company doesn’t need much advertising.

Your customers would post pictures of their cosmetics on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

that are interested in cosmetics will request a connection to you.

On YouTube, you can learn how to apply makeup.

During the holidays, you may also apply to work as an apprentice at a cosmetics studio.

To get started as a makeup artist, you’ll need to purchase the required cosmetics kits and equipment.

During matriculation, departmental, and dinner nights, makeup artists get extra money.

Music DJ

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

In Nigeria’s university and polytechnic campuses, music DJs are in high demand.

The services of a DJ are required during the semester. In school, no function is complete without the presence of a DJ.

You name it: orientation, matriculation, dinner night, inaugural speech, and so forth.

A DJ’s job is to liven up a party or special event.

Obtaining a library of new and old music is the first step towards becoming a DJ on campus.

To take on DJ jobs, you’ll also need to acquire the appropriate equipment.

The greatest thing is that you don’t need to purchase any equipment to become a DJ.

This may be accomplished by renting equipment and paying a settlement fee at the conclusion of each work.

Learning from a successful DJ on campus is the greatest method to become a renowned DJ in school.

After a few months, you should be able to work as a DJ.


How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

On-campus, selling cake and cupcakes is a lucrative industry.

Trust me, particularly if you’re a female student who likes cupcakes. Almost no woman at school celebrates her birthday without making a cake.

Cake cutting is an essential element of every school celebration.

There must be a cake cutting at any sort of celebration on campus.

Consider what you could do if you were skilled at baking a variety of cakes. You’d earn a lot of money this way.

It’s possible that you’ll start rejecting job offers in order to concentrate on your studies.

It’s simple to learn how to create cakes and pastries. You may enroll in an online instructional course.

However, it is preferable to study in a real place so that you may get a deeper understanding of the company.

Baking, like cosmetics, requires the use of a few cheap types of equipment.

If you don’t have the money to start your own company, you may start by renting baking equipment.

Hype Man MC

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

The master of ceremonies is a hype man or MC.

An event on campus isn’t complete without the presence of a master of ceremonies.

The event’s program must be directed by an MC.

An MC is required for all types of events, including orientation, political campaigns, dinner nights, and so on.

To be a hype guy, you must be witty, opinionated, and able to carry a crowd.

You may also put on a comedy performance at your school, which will bring in a lot of cash.


How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

Modeling at school is a source of money for Nigerian students.

The SUG, Faculty, and Department conduct beauty pageants at the conclusion of each term.

The winner of a beauty pageant receives a cash award and a gift.

You may also try out for other beauty pageants at your school or elsewhere.

Winning a beauty pageant s may be a turning point in your career.

Many of Nigeria’s major international agencies provide opportunities to become ambassadors. Also, get endorsement agreements all over the place.

Who knows, maybe you’ll win millions of naira on Big Brother Naija.

Term Paper & Assignment

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

Term paper and assignment writing for students is a simple method to earn money while in school.

In my first year, I recall earning a lot of money on term papers.

Many students are either sluggish or unsure of how to approach a term paper assignment. To them, it seems to be a lot of effort.

Furthermore, many Nigerian students struggle with typing term papers.

As a result, you may contribute by writing a term paper for your classmates and other students.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started on your term paper business at school:

  • A laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Printer
  • Electricity

It’s worth noting that you can run your company without using a printer.

Furthermore, many professors offer assignments that need internet research.

You may earn money by doing these tasks for a charge.

The disadvantage of this company is that the job is only available on occasion. That is to say, there are instances when students do not participate in term papers or tasks.

Going into the final project business is a good way to kick things up a notch.

Typing, research, and mathematical computations are all part of the final project. It is a means of earning money.

Ushering Service

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

Ushering has grown in popularity as a method for kids to earn money at school.

There isn’t a single event at a university that doesn’t need ushering.

Ushers are those who help guests find their seats during events. During an event, they guarantee that everything is in order and well-organized.

On-campus, getting a job as an usher is simple.

In school, you may join an ushering agency. You may also organize yourself and others for the task.

The greatest thing about ushering is that you’ll receive a lot of free stuff in addition to your salary.


How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

Scholarships provide students with the chance to earn money while they are still in school.

Many scholarship awards are in excess of 100,000 nairas (N100,000) each session.

As a student, you may use the scholarship award to cover your expenses.

Many students have many scholarship boards on their payroll.

You can imagine how much money they earn each time they meet.

You must have a good CGPA to be eligible for a scholarship. You’d also have to keep your CGPA at a certain level.

To increase your chances of receiving a scholarship, keep up with scholarship possibilities.

Now is the time to look into possible Nigerian scholarship possibilities.

School Politics

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

As a student, becoming involved in student union politics is a way to earn money.

Holders of student political office are entitled to a salary and stipend.

By working in your Department, Faculty, or SUG, you may earn money.

I’m not talking about stealing money from students. No, it is a serious offense that may jeopardize your academic career.

Student political leaders also earn money through mobilizing students for political campaigns, among other things.

Being the president of a student union offers you access to powerful individuals in your state.

Catering & Food Services

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

Catering is a service that provides guests with meals during occasions. At every school event, a caterer is required to prepare and handle refreshments.

You are aware that no function at school can take place without food being provided. For the organizers, students would alter it.

As a result, every event organizer ensures that sufficient food is available to distribute to students.

Caterers are a good way to get into this area of work. When others learn that you can prepare African dishes, they will be envious of you.

If your service is affordable and dependable, they will appreciate it.

Students may cater on a big or small basis as student caterers.

Handling birthday parties and weekend deliveries on a small scale is an option.

Branding and staff would be required for a large-scale operation. You’d be in charge of catering to large-scale school functions.

The reality is that only a small number of students are capable of running a large-scale catering operation.

Begin with catering to small gatherings.

Students from well-to-do families may be found who are unable to prepare meals. They’ll compensate you for preparing a delicious home-cooked dinner.

Event Decoration & Interior Design

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

On-campus, event decorating, and interior design is a lucrative business.

An interior designer, like the other talents discussed in this article, must be present at all school activities.

People no longer have events under a canopy, as you are aware. Ceremonies are increasingly held at convention centers.

An event designer is required to embellish these ceremony venues.

You might work as an interior designer to create the location for your Faculty dinner night.

Your professors may also pay you to decorate the reception hall for their daughter’s wedding.

Interior designers have a lot of options in school.

Learning Interior Design

Many Christian college fellowships provide free interior design classes to students.

They learn the expertise by joining their church’s decorating team.

You may also register with a professional interior designer or acquire the skill for free.

With commitment and perseverance, you may master interior design in any case.

Make sure everyone at your school knows you’re an interior designer.

To obtain a contract job, make friends with the social directors of student organizations.

Internet Data Reselling

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

Students are already earning money by reselling data at school.

The company buys SME data packages in bulk and resells them to students.

Data from the internet is a must. Students are unable to function without the use of social networking applications and other internet platforms.

Many students spend a significant amount of money on internet data. You may earn money by providing them with a lower-cost data plan.

For example, you may profitably sell 1GB of data for N300.

Telecommunication firms such as Glo, MTN, Airtel, and others sell data to data resellers.

These telecommunication providers sell data to data wholesalers at a lower price.

You may get started in this company by purchasing data through an online data resale platform.

Look for a reliable data supplier online or ask around.

You’ll earn money by selling info to your housemates, classmates, and other acquaintances.

Soap and Disinfectant Production

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

Producing soap and disinfectants is a lucrative enterprise for Nigerian students.

For pupils to maintain their hygienic condition, soap and disinfectants are required.

You may manufacture liquid soap and sell it for a lower price if you make it yourself.

When students see how nice and frothy your soap is, they will patronize you.

Soaps and disinfectants are simple to sell.

Make your way around the hostel, room by room, to promote your goods.

On YouTube, you can learn how to make soap.

Attend school-based skill development programs where kids learn how to manufacture soap.

The good is that soap and disinfectants are very inexpensive to manufacture.

Also, use branding to add flair to your soap manufacturing, and make sure your soup smells great.

Phone & Computer Repair

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

Every student at a Nigerian university has access to a phone. A significant percentage also own a computer.

Using these technological gadgets has a number of drawbacks.

Cracked phone displays, for example, are a nightmare for many students.

During the semester, some students’ computers may develop a problem.

You can provide students with a phone or computer repair services.

When it comes to repairs, though, you must be an expert. You don’t want to be found guilty of destroying a student’s laptop.

A repairer can teach you how to mend phones and computers.

You may also install software and Android applications.

Many kids like using their computers and phones to play games.

You may charge a fee for these applications or software to be installed.

Sell Clothes

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

Students may make money by selling clothing such as feminine goods.

The ladies at the hostel like wearing the most up-to-date fashion at a low cost.

You may acquire clothing and sell them to students if you know where to look.

Students who wish to purchase on credit make it difficult to sell clothing. If you are not cautious, it has the potential to ruin your company.

Look for a method to acquire nice clothing to sell on campus.

The technique of advertising for this company is to sell one room at a time.

You may diversify your company by selling brassieres and undergarments.

Selling clothing to male students is often not lucrative.

Unlike women, who must purchase what they see, many men buy clothing on a sporadic basis.

Barbing Salon Services

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

Making money at school by cutting kids’ hair in the dormitory is a common practice.

You may make a living as a barber by cutting hair for a low fee.

This is something that a lot of students do in their dorm rooms.

The problem with this industry is that many student barbers do not know how to cut hair properly.

However, if you have a decent haircut, you will attract a large number of customers.

In your hostel, get the following equipment for barbering salon services:

  • Clipper
  • Sterilizer 
  • Scissors
  • Comb 
  • Professional barbers duster brush

A spinning chair, a generator, or a big wall mirror are not required.

It would be ideal if you operate your barbershop from your hostel.

Sew Clothes (Fashion Design)

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

Another method to earn money as a student is to sew clothing.

Students who reside off-campus are eligible to participate in this entrepreneurial endeavor.

It’s because there isn’t enough room at the school hostel to store a sewing machine.

Due to a shortage of time, few students undertake fashion design while school is in session.

Sewing clothing takes a long time. A garment, for example, may take a whole day to complete.

Combining academics with fashion design may be difficult.

You need to strike a balance so that sewing clothing does not interfere with your studies. Sewing over the holidays is a wonderful approach.

Bouncing Services

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

Bouncers have been the big thing on campus since the transition to event center-style ceremonies.

At every event henceforth, heavy guys with large chests will be stationed at the entrance.

Bouncers, like ushers, must manage the flow of individuals into and out of the event.

They take on the responsibilities of a paid security guard.

A woman may also serve as a bouncer.

To become a bouncer, you must first visit your school’s weightlifting center. It may be a private gym or a school stadium. Bouncers may be seen in this area.

Bouncers are typically recruited via a school-based organization. They may be willing to work as a bouncer if you impress them.

If you have the body, your department may also employ you as a bouncer on dinner night.

Dry Cleaning/Laundry

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

In Nigeria, dry cleaning or laundry is a profitable industry.

It involves washing people’s clothes for a charge.

Many affluent students are unaware of the importance of doing their laundry or lack the time to do so. There are pupils who are unable to wash their socks.

You may work as a dry cleaner and do the clothes for other students or professors.

Except if you hire someone to run the store, a dry-cleaning company is not flexible for a student.

However, in many cases, hiring someone to run the company may not be a good idea.

You may work as a private dry cleaner for added convenience.

I’m referring to the fact that you restrict your service to a small number of clients in order to devote more time to your education.

You may go all out with your company over the holidays.

You’ll need the following things to start a washing business:

  • Washing machine
  • Pressing iron
  • Generator
  • Laundry detergent
  • Ironing table
  • Nylon to package clothes

Organize Tutorials

Organizing tutorials for school kids is a legitimate method to earn money.

Most students, especially freshmen, are likely to be dumb in most of their classes.

They need guidance from someone with relevant expertise in order to attain academic achievement.

Every lecture in school has a teaching method and an examination schedule.

Older students are the ones who can assist them with lessons.

Furthermore, many students do not comprehend their lectures for various reasons.

You may put up a lesson for a course that you are extremely familiar with.

You earn money for a gate pass by teaching this group of pupils.

I recall how some of my older Medical School classmates earned money by arranging tutorials.

To get started, you’ll need to choose a location.

  • Share your tutorial campaign on WhatsApp groups.
  • Paste your tutorial poster at strategic places on campus

Exercise/Gym Instructor

A new way to earn money in school is as an exercise or gym teacher.

Many students now want a flat stomach or six-pack abs.

They are ready to pay a tutor to educate and encourage them to accomplish their objectives.

The good news is that being a gym teacher does not need a large sum of money.

You may utilize the equipment in the gym or stadium at your school.

Master the science of yoga, strength training, and other forms of exercise.

Make music a part of your lesson plan to keep your pupils motivated.

Teach Choreography

Choreography is the skill of teaching others how to dance. It is a dancing school for those who want to pursue a career as a professional dancer.

Choreography instruction may be a source of revenue while you’re still in school. There isn’t a social gathering on campus that doesn’t have a dance group performing.

Choreography is used to teach this group of pupils their dancing movements. It may take place in a dancing studio or on a basketball court.

You may either teach others to dance or create a dance squad to perform at events.

Event Planner

A person who plans the set-up and scheduling of an event is known as an event planner. They are in charge of the event’s planning.

Unlike in the past, every event today requires the services of a planner.

Become an event organizer at your school to earn money.

To learn the ropes of the industry, get training from an event planning firm.

Music Lesson

People learn to sing or play a musical instrument in a music class.

In my class group chat, I notice an advertisement for learning a piece of musical equipment.

Many kids want to learn to play the piano, saxophone, and other instruments.

If you can play a musical instrument well, you can teach music.

Additionally, voice coaching is a revenue-generating component of music classes. People will pay money to learn how to sing from you.

Become a Music Artist

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

Musicians sing and rap songs as a form of entertainment.

Any function on campus requires some kind of entertainment.

Event organizers pay these individuals to perform for a few minutes.

Have faith in me. These entertainers are creating a name for themselves at school.

Some of Nigeria’s most well-known musicians began their careers in school.

It takes a lot of hard work to become a musician. To blow and succeed, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort.

The more well-known you are, the more invitations you will get to events.

Music Composer

People who can write songs are known as music composers. They may or may not be vocalists.

They have the ability to compose excellent lyrics.

Music composition students may sell their lyrics to artists.

Home Tutor

How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria
How To Make Money In School As A Student In Nigeria

As a student, home tutoring is a good way to supplement your income over the holidays.

You might volunteer to arrange lesson tutorials for local children.

Many parents enjoy the notion of their children being tutored by undergraduates in preparation for exams. They have faith in your ability to impart information to their children.

Visit the houses of your neighbors’ parents over the holidays.

Pitch your idea of teaching their children in difficult topics.

Books for Student Entrepreneurs

Here is the list of books for student entrepreneurs;How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

  • Zero to One by Peter Thiel.
  • The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek
  • The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries
  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek
  • The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

Movies for Student Entrepreneurs

Here is the list of top movies you must see as a student entrepreneur;

  • Wall Street
  • Wolf of Wallstreet
  • Office Space
  • Rogue Trader
  • The Founder
  • Catch Me If You Can
  • The Social Network
  • Twelve Angry Men
  • Startup.Com
  • Money Ball

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