Occasionally, in our daily life, we may be enduring bad and sad moods. When such incidents or manners occur just follow these 21 productive measures to change your situations. To begin with, I want you to be aware that no matter your situation or the circumstances there are always remedies to your problems. You have all the mandate and the authority to have a wide range of emotions and feelings Here is what to do when you are having a bad day.

Hug a cat

Cats are wonderfully and marvelously made. A little hairy and long-haired input changes everything and makes it comfortable and suitable.

Have a suitable conversation with yourself like you a good friend.

In case you are full of negative thoughts right now, just ut ba stop to it and ask yourself you will treat my blossom friend in this manner.

Will you inform him or her that he or she is a failure in all of his or her time and the person is going to fail all over the person’s lifetime.

Call Someone

Call or text someone favorable to you in case you are interested in a phone call.

Try to read

One of the most interesting books ever is Harry Potter not the 5th book or the 6th to 7th edition. You can also read The Poky Little Puppy

Listen to Music

You shouldn’t be entangled with or be listening to only sad music or emo screamo music and nothing dressing. You should listen to encourageable and motivational songs and music.

Walk or Run

Engaging yourself in productive activities such as exercising makes your endorphins going makes you feel happy and good


Meditation is to substantiate and to minimize your stress and press and makes you feel very comfortable and conveniences. In case your brain is having a lot of stress just take one word and t6himnk about it continuously.

Deep Breathing. A few breaths in and out will also console your situation. If you are totally dressed and have been going through a whole lot just be submissive to 150 breaths right now.


Try taking funny pictures from your environment with your camera or your normal Canon camera.

Try also looking at cats pictures

Cat pictures are very interesting and marvelous, indeed is very interesting and funny.


One way too is to sing. No matter where you find yourself. Whether in the kitchen, washroom, or even I’m the bathhouse just sing out your heart and from your soul.

Watching funny videos

Watching funny videos also can help you to feel very comfortable.

Read inspirational messages and quotes

These inspirational messages and quotes contain its, advice and of course some measures to your situation.


Sometimes a belief in something that is greater than this world also helps and provides more advantageous measures.

Organize something.

Maybe I am aware that organizing events makes me feel better and more comfortable.

Clean something. This measure is in line with organizing an event. It makes you feel very powerful and active in everything that you find yourself doing. Also, it empowers your potential and capabilities.

Plan something positive

You can also make plans for about a day or a week for an interesting event which always makes you feel comfortable. Such as watching the new movie on Netflix.

Read a spiritual books

Some of my siritua\ books I use to read always are; To Know Him, Pema Chodron, etc.

Read books just for fun

Try meditating on some interesting and funny and mindful books.

Read about role models

When you feel distressed and disappointed it’s advisable you read about people who have already made it in life. Reading about them will enlighten you on their struggles and how they deal with them. It also introduces you to some people like Oprah and Rowlings JK.

Say positive affirmations or write them down around your home.

Tell yourself positive things and ignore negative thoughts

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