There are a lot of ways in which you can make your husband happy. A happy husband is a man who feels loved by his wife in every way, but you have to first get to know him well so your efforts can keep the bliss and fire in your marriage. Every marriage is unique and here are some ways in which you can keep your husband happy.

How To Make Your Husband Happy

1. Look Good specially For Him.

Every man wants his wife to look good for him and you should take note of that. Make a special effort to always dress nicely and look your best around him even when there’s no special occasion or you’re just home.

You can spice things up by wearing sexy clothes to get him attracted to you and let him know you’re all dolled up just for him. If there’s a particular dress or lingerie he seems to like, make it a point to wear them often.

2. Work on Romance

After years of marriage, the bliss of romance seems to fade off due to all the stress and responsibilities that come with marriage. It’s quite understandable but you have to make a conscious effort to keep the love and romance alive in your marriage.

Working on romance helps you both to still feel connected despite the number of years you have spent together and strengthens the bond between you two.

3. Make your Sex life a Priority

When the family size increases with kids, the responsibility also increases and makes you have less time and attention for intimacy. Keeping romance in a joint family can be quite challenging but you have to find ways to suit things. Keeping your sex life interesting and ongoing is going to make your marriage worth your while.

You can try new things like sections, sex toys, and others to keep your sex life lively. To keep your husband happy, you should be eager and ready to always try new things.

4.Pamper Your Husband Randomly and Regularly.

You have to take into consideration the emotional and intellectual needs of your husband. Knowing his favorite dish, color, movies, and games should be a priority. You can surprise him occasionally with anything he likes. Give him his favorite dish or snack when he’s back from work. Adopt yourself also to likings and moods.

5. Respect Your Husband

Show respect for your husband and pay attention to the words and intonation in which you speak to him as every human likes to be loved and respected. In essence, you have to give him the respect you would like to be accorded you and let him feel not just in words but show him you respect him and value his presence in your life.

6.Be His Cheerleader

Encouraging, kind, and positive words from a man’s partner can go a long way. Men like to form the appearance of tough people but deep down they’re don’t just like babies and crave attention and affection. Be his cheerleader by boosting his confidence and validating his image as this will enable him to open up to you always.

7. Vocalise his Honor

As a wife, you are a partner so you have to help him to appreciate the brighter side of any bad event to prevent him from going into depression. Encourage him in everything he does and let him know he has your support always. Praise him for making efforts and if he wants to vent, allow him to.

8. Arouse your sentiments.

Be sensitive to him especially in bed. Men are hypersensitive beings when it comes to sex. The feeling of not being able to pleasure you in bed is discouraging to his honor.

Compliment him on his sexual prowess and tell him how he makes you feel good. Even when he’s not doing something right, find a nice way to tell him to not dampen his morale and enable him to perform better.

9. Try New Things

Always make it a point to try new things as the same old routines make things boring. Try spicing things up by attempting to seduce him by wearing sexy lingerie specially for him as he won’t resist you. Experiment more in bed and let him experiment too, complimenting his prowess as well.

10. Understand Him.

Men evolve in relationships with time. Be understanding and patient with him as well as cooperative in every way as it will eventually benefit you in the end.

How To Make Your Husband Happy

11. Pay attention to your Husbands Needs.

Women mostly express themselves more than men but men have emotions too. As a wife, you have to pay attention to your husband’s emotions and needs.

Criticisms and nagging unnecessarily certainly do not make a husband happy. Learning how to when and to say it can go a long way to benefit your marriage.

Don’t always be selfish about your needs consider his feelings as well.

12. Be A Happy Wife

Be a blissful wife. If you want to make your husband happy, you have to be cheerful and full of happiness. No man will be happy with an always depressed, irritated, and frustrated wife.

You have to be cheerful and give positive vibes so that even when your husband is down your cheerfulness will impact him. Get rid of anything that makes you bitter, discontented, and sad, rather than filling yourself with joy, contentment, and hope.

13. Allow Him Lead

Allow your husband to take the stirring wheel behind your marriage. Men like being acknowledged and made the head of the family. This will make your husband feel you trust and rely on him. But make sure you don’t watch him make bad decisions for the family even as the leader.

14.Be Loyal and Faithful.

As a wife, you shouldn’t give your husband reason to ever doubt you but rather give him the confidence that he is the one and only man in your life. Make him feel husband as he also makes you beautiful as this will keep him happy.

15. Forgive Him

To err Is human and to forgive is divine. As humans we make mistakes, so when your husband falls short at any point in your marriage, forgive him if he is sincerely remorseful and shows he won’t repeat it.

Not just forgiving, but forgetting as well and not going back to them when arguments arise as it shows you didn’t truly forgive him. You don’t only make your husband happy when you forgive him but you also heal your heart and find inner peace when you do so.

Always remember to first love and produce happiness as it will also affect the people around you. Marriage will only work when you put in the effort, therefore focus on giving your kids, husband, and yourself happiness.

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