Marriage is one of the most recognized and certain commandments in Islam. Going through the Holy Quran, you come across several verses that lay down the significance of the holy union between a man and a woman. Allah blesses us with people in every aspect of life. We can’t accomplish something productive without the existence of someone in our lives.

Looking at the life of Prophet Muhammad(SAWW), one can realize how well he treated his wives, serving as a lesson to married men. Haqooq-Ibad is stressed several times in the Holy Quran.

Keeping a good relationship with your wife is not the only factor of a healthy marriage but also indicates how religiously one obeys the responsibilities towards human beings. Here are 12 ways to make your wife Happy in Islam.

How To Make Your Wife Happy In Islam

1. Be Kind And Nice with your Wife

Understood better as Shekhawat, Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) treated his wives equally. He gave them maximum love and shows how he had always placed them above his own needs. Being kind to your wife shows how significant your better half is to you and how much you respect her.

2. Give Her A listening Ear

Just like the breadwinner of the family, wives also have a lot of duties on their hands. She finds within her husband a trustworthy companion and a good listener who would unburden her when she speaks. Give a listening ear to whatever she says participate also in the conversation.

3. Create An Environment That Makes Her Feel Secure

She becomes your responsibility the day she marries you and a man being on a higher degree has to demonstrate how protective he is in safeguarding his wife. Create an environment of security to make her feel safe to come to you when she’s in trouble.

4. Do not Take Her For Granted

“The words of a husband to his wife,”I truly love you”, should not leave her heart. ” – The Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

Appreciate her for her efforts. Cherish everything she does for the good of the family. Show her that you value her and she will reciprocate it when she sees your sincerity. By showing her gratitude and acknowledging her hard work, you will make her feel a sense of accomplishment and this will keep her motivated to put in more hard work.

5. Communicate with Loving Words and sweet gestures.

Sweet words don’t cost much but rather go a long way to fill a woman’s heart. It is said by our religious predecessors that expressions of love and affection that are not suitable are Sunnah. The Prophet would often go home with his wife to express affection to his wife.

Anas said to his son, Thabit “My son, exchange gifts, it will bring about love between you “. (Sahih)

6.Help In House Chores

Be your wife’s greatest support scheme and offer to help her with chores even the least of them as your wife would like to feel like you are working together as a team to build and maintain your home. The Prophet helped out around the house, serving his family occasionally.

Al- Aswad said, “I asked Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, ‘What did the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, do when he was with his family? She replied, ‘He would do chores for his family, and when it was time for prayer, he would go out ‘”. Bukhari Al Adab Al Mufrad(Sahih).

7. Pay attention to Her Emotional Needs.

Men don’t always have to have solutions to everything even when women open up about their problems. By simply showing concern and being understanding can be remedial to your wife. Show concern for her emotions and acknowledge her views.

How To Make Your Wife Happy In Islam

8. Spend Time With Her

Spend quality time with your wife at home and also try to exploit ways to build your friendship. Expertise and activity through outings and various experiences can add some spice to your marriage.

The ingenuity in marriage is what creates passion. Don’t always allow time with your friends to supersede your moments with her. Give her the time, love, and attention she deserves, and pray to Allah to put Barakah in the time you spend to joint.

9. Be her best companion

The Prophet Muhammad and his wife Khadija endured a lot together, ranging from emotional heartache, family rejection, penalty, and even hunger but yet they were each other’s pillar of strength. As couples, you have to support each other through every trial and problem. Allah promised Khadija a special place in Paradise because she created a peaceful and loving environment at home.

The Prophet talked about her saying “She believed in me even when others were full of disbelief and considered me honest when other people called me a liar, she spent on me when others refused to spend on me “.

Let your wife feel and trust that she is the most valued person to you no matter what. Never make fun of or belittle her in any way. Be your wife’s greatest fan and show her you believe in her.

10. Forgive Her When She Makes A Mistakes.

Mistakes are bound to happen as we are human but be sure to dwell on the good things she does and forgive her. In Islam, it’s always advised to overlook the mistakes people make and rather focus on their good deeds even when it comes to matters of forgiveness.

Remember to keep this in mind always before getting into arguments with her as your wife is one of the most important people in your life.

11. Remember Your Wife In Prayers.

Your wife finds her strength in your strength so praying for her is one of the beautiful attributes shielded in the union between two people who forego things with each other .

12. Acknowlege Her In Public

As humans, we always like to feel a sense of appreciation and acknowledgment. Praise and appreciate your wife’s effort in public and flaunt her for the world to know how much you cherish and value her presence in your life.

Marriage is a sacred contract made before Allah SWT and it isn’t always easy as it seems as it takes some effort and hard work to make it work. The marital relationship is an extraordinary blessing and divine sign so you need to put in your all to make it work.

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