I am disappointed in the president of Ghana; Professor Lumumba,the great Pan Africanist declares

In Africa, the shortest route to ill-gotten wealth is through Political Leadership. If you want to get wealth without working for it at all, join African politics. That’s the truth everywhere in Africa except for very few places.

There is unprecedented doom and gloom enveloping the African continent. Almost every country with its citizen has encountered difficulties and corruption. It’s uncommonly unfortunate that quite many Africans are suffering out of double or triple tragedies of hardships caused by politicians. .

Since assuming power,  it is unusual and clearly without precedent there has been an increasing rate of corruption in the country.

Our country needs fervent Prayers. Many have  opined that we suspend all politics and other divisive engagements for some days and Pray for our Nation.

Our fellow countrymen and women are suffering and in deep anguish, choruses of sobs are evident and rivers of tears are flowing every day from the many Ghanaians dying from the consequences of corruption.

Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba, The Director of the Kenya Anti-corruption Commission and Director of the Kenya School of Law as well as a Pan-Africanist , in an interview granted to Maxwell Nkansah asserted how dissatisfied he is by the Nana Addo led Administration of Ghana.

The revered elderly statement posited that the President of Ghana promised initially to improve the country through industrialization and expansion of it’s developmental projects but has failed woefully with nothing to show for amidst increasing reports of massive corruption.

He entreated the country’s President to change his style of governance to a better one in order to be remembered as one of the best.

He also criticized the decision by article 71 holders to pay their spouses as bad and concluded by saying the youth demonstrating in the street shows how difficult things have been in Ghana recently.

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