I came to the realization of how wicked human beings can be; Former information minister declares

Ex information minister Victoria Lakshmi Hammah has shared her sentiment on humanity and the reality which caught up with her at a very young age.

She wrote on her Facebook page “I am so blessed because at a relatively younger age I came to the realisation of how evil human beings can be. I am blessed only because I survived it all. Experience is never the Best Teacher but the Most Bitter Teacher.
If you can avoid experience the better for you.
I know from experience!

This post is probably in relation to what transpired some years back where as a minister she was betrayed by her own family member, a cousin who recorded her conversation and leaked the audio into the public domain.

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That eventually led to her suspension and dismissal from the ministry. The worse thing about betrayal is that never comes from your enemies but those you call your own.

Crabology is the study of the mental attitude, language and actions of individuals within a society who refuse to support others in their efforts to better themselves, their community, and/or their organization(s).  

You must consciously deal with such mentality with the understanding that the candle you light can never reduce your brightness. You must build people around you, help people to succeed because  transcendency is true fulfillment in life – helping others to be fulfilled.

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Desist from talking people down; use words that dignify others. Celebrate people’s achievements. Man was made for the sake of another man.  Never be happy that you are the only wealthy person around. It is actually very dangerous because whenever the poor become so hungry, the rich becomes their target.

Hon. You came to the realization of how evil human being can be through experience and I can’t tell you have learnt great deal of lessons from that; I believe the lesson learnt now informs your thoughts and guides your actions in dealing with others such that you are now in a position to do things differently and better.

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That is how life is designed, as we progress in it we sometimes fall and rise taken notes on where and why we fall in order to get the experience needed to deal with future huddles. Nobody, no society, no nation grows without experience, good or bad.

You can watch her post below

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