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‘I didn’t receive warning from the one who infected me’ – Lady who confess to have infected men with HIV Knowingly

This article talks of a thirty six years old lady called Jackline also known as Kiki who has been in the news after she acknowledges to have deliberately infected numerous men with HIV/AIDS. She made the revelation on a TV program, Tuko Talks.

She disclosed in the interview she had with Jackline, that she had infected many men in with hiv intentionally and she doesn’t regret it. From her narration, it was evidently clear that She is depressed. The lady was left at a young age to fend for herself and that led her into something she isn’t supposed to do.

Jackline Njoki Mwangi also known as Kiki wa Nge’ndo is admitting to having knowingly infected multiple men in Kenya with HIV.
She says it’s not her responsibility to take care of men who cannot protect themselves because she too did not receive any warning from the person that infected her

She also reveals that her mother’s hatred, absence and lack of sympathy towards her is the cause of all her misery. This woman who has lived with HIV for the last 18 years says she has had enough and the reason she is coming out is to warn men against sleeping with every woman they see around, create awareness and ask her family to stop abusing her every other time.

There are three basic needs in life

  1. ACCEPTANCE everyone needs to be accepted in the FAMILY, and the SOCIETY. It is difficult to live in rejection.
  2. LOVE. We all need love from God, our family and society in general it is hard to live in a world full of hatred.
  3. FEELING. We all needs to be felt. We all needs a shoulder to lean on. We all needs to feel appreciate. We all needs someone to feel our presence in this world. When you are hungry you needs someone to know you are hungry and feed you.

One can have shelter, food and clothing and still commit suicide or go down with depression. The girl lacked three of the above, hence her decision to infect innocent guys.

A Section of the HIV and AIDS Control Act, stipulates that a person living with HIV who knowingly and recklessly places another person at risk of becoming HIV infected commits an offense which upon conviction can attract a penalty or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years or both.

This is a wounded soul that has never known love. It seems she was also brought up by a wounded mother.
But there is hope in Christ. I hope she connects with a true deliverance minister nonetheless this doesn’t make her innocent but guilty of infecting others.

You can watch the video below

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