“I find it weird when a guy tells another guy I Love you” – says Serwaa Amihere

Popular Ghanaian Television Personality, Serwaa Amihere has disclosed how she feels when a male person tells another male “I Love you”.

I Love you may not necessarily mean any kind of Love affair or Relationship but that is common in our society as Africans.

Mostly we believe the word I Love you should only be used between two opposite sex partners who are in love with each other.

This are the exact thoughts of Serwaa Amihere who confessed that she finds it weird when two same sex personality’s tells each other “l Love you”

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She made a typical example where a man on his friends birthday will state his love for that friend after wishing him a happy birthday.

“Why do I find it so wierd when a man tells another man he loves him. Like happy birthday bro, I love you” she stated

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