I paid a man to get me pregnant because killers removed my eye and left me with no arms when I was 12

Nelson Mandela once said ” Courage is not the absence of fear but triumph over it. A brave man is he who is not afraid but he who conquers the fear.” No matter what happens, one had to keep fighting and never to give up.

Many people have have untold stories, hidden emotions and excruciatingly pain as we patiently anticipate for better days that sometimes elude us. This story is narrated by Rebecca Benty, a nurse, humanist, philanthropist, content creator who only strives to motivate the broken hearted and downtrodden.

Several people have struggled to live the life we ​​are living now, so it can be very wrong if people misunderstand us. Circumstances changed, tragedy happens and this is the way she has to live life. Jacqueline, the brave lady who until her tragedy had a comfortable life with her intimate family. At age 12, her home was assaulted by an unidentified assassin.

The whole family of five (5) individuals were murdered while she looked on. She had parents, siblings and other kin. Jacqueline’s experience were more tragic when her left eye was taken out while her arm was amputated and she subsequently gave up the ghost.

God being so good, she was brought back to under strange circumstances, yes she survived. To her disappointment, she discovered upon waking up that her left hand and eye were not there. Her only desire afterwards was for death to come and take her away. Able bodied humans are struggling day in day out, how do we expect a person with difficulty to survive.

She reached the age of marriage and there was nobody available to marry a woman who has this physical challenges. All effort made proved futile and she had no alternative than to convince an unknown man, that is she was compelled to to pay him to get her pregnant. That was her desire since she also wanted to have someone to call a child and raise a family.

The daughter Chantelle calls everyone she watches on the street as “daddy” because her biological father was hired or given a contract. She has never set eyes on him and this makes her positive that in the near future things will be better.

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