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I won’t apologize for saying this; Captain Smart disappointed in his own NPP

The long weekends is finally over and Captain Smart appeared on his TV show this morning 23rd August 2021 live on Onua TV and Onua FM.

The appearance of Captain Smart on the show is quit strange as he bandage his head with a piece of cloth which is red in colour. We presume that his appearance signify his anger and hatred due the bad situations in Ghana.

The clever captain again defeated the country’s leaders in his clever analysis. Captain Smart is cautious today when he inadvertently criticizes the ruling New Patriotic Party.

Captain Smart asks why national leaders are ruthless and disagree with their promises to the people.

“According to Captain Smart, he is still worried that the government squandered Saglemi’s apartment simply because he wants to fix the bill and bring the perpetrators to justice during the John Mahama regime.

From Captain Smart’s drone shots. ” Over the weekend, it became clear to the Saglemi project team that cattle had invaded parts of the area with electrical switches, clinics and other shelters.

“Our leaders don’t think. People who vote in parties are unreasonable. We need to start thinking. Should the homeless wait for the government to sue Collins Dauda and Atta kyea?

You can watch the video below

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