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If Ghanaians Are Truthful No One Will Travel Outside;White man Speaks Twi To Ghanaians

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One of the main reasons why most Ghanaians are not able to establish businesses in Ghana is because most of the citizens are dishonest. Some people are even selfish to the existence that they overprice their commodities.

Today, Abieku Santana, who is a Ghanaian media personality with Despite Media post a video on his Instagram page. And in the video, it is seen that a white man, who was born in Ghana was speaking about some things he learnt in Ghana.

The man said that he was a student of Opoku Ware senior high school. He even spoken in twi which indicates that he lived in Ghana for a long time. He complained about the most Ghanaians are dishonest people.

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And if Ghanaians are truthful enough, no Ghanaian will like to travel outside because there are a lot of opportunities and money in the country.

What do you think of the claims of the white man? Let’s hear your opinions on this matter in the comments section below.

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