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If you see these two holes usually found at Ladies back and this is what it means; more details

Back dimples, also called “dimples of Venus” is becoming very common. Those who have it are definitely not afraid to flaunt it for all to see, and well you can’t blame them, especially because having back dimples comes with a lot of pride and happiness. In this article I’m going to be telling you guys all you need to know about back dimples and what it means.

What are back dimples?
Back dimples or dimples of venus are small dots or indentations on your lower back. They usually occur at the point where the pelvis and spine meets, just above the buttocks in the body. Back dimples are very common among women than male folks.

Origin of the name “Dimples of Venus”.
The name dimples of venus, originated from venus, the roman goddess of beauty and attraction. And that is why back dimples is often regarded to as one of the beauties of a woman which makes them more attractive.

Causes of back dimples.
Dimples in general, including cheeks dimples and back dimples are thought to be kind of genetic and hereditary, although there is no concrete evidence to prove this fact. But the little research scientists have done on the causes of back dimples, shows that it is related to genes and dominant genetic trait.

For example, if a person’s grandparents or parents has it, the back dimples will most likely affect one of their children, incase it doesn’t affect them. Does back dimples have medical implications?

Back dimples is a congenital condition, which means its there even when a baby is born. It doesn’t just start appearing in the body all of a sudden. Back dimples doesn’t cause any health issues or medical conditions at all. They are very harmless and are even considered to add beauty to a woman.

Advantages of back dimples.
1. The dimples helps and assists the body in proper blood circulation.

2. Research has shown that women who has back dimples have a great time in bed and achieve amazing levels of orgasm.

3. It adds beauty to a woman and so many men find it very attractive.

4. It also have pregnancy related benefits and ability to bear weight gain.

An indentation in the back or an indentation in the lower back is an unusual aesthetic feature. The short ligament that connects the pelvis to the skin causes it, although it has no medical implications.

Not only is it safe, but it can also be seen as a symbol of attractiveness, especially for women!

There are some similarities between the posterior and sacral dimples, but there are also some significant differences.

Both types of dimples are usually not visible. While dimples are mostly cosmetic in nature, sacred dimples have been linked to a variety of medical problems.

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