If you support Jonas for insulting our leaders, you too start videoing yourself and be insulting them – Archipalago

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Archipalago has just hits back at Netizens who attacked him yesterday for exposing Twene Jonas location in the United States after sharing a screenshot of their chats where he was advising him to stop insulting our leaders. Read here

According to Archipalago, he supports everything we are trying to do for a better Ghana but not insults on our leaders.

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“I support everything we trying to do for change but #insults to the leaders so If y’all think insults will solve Ghana’s problems why don’t all of you supporting the insults start #videoing yourselves insulting the leaders so that the change y’all want comes! Y’all some bunch of cowards hiding behind fake accounts!!! Y’all need to do your research cos with or without insults they choose to do whatever they want in their own times!!!”

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