“I’ll never apologize for who l am” Marcus Rashford fires back at racist

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Manchester United forward has spoken for the first time after his missed Penalty at the finals if the just ended European Championship.

Rashford is among the three English players who missed their penalties that led to Italy clinching the title right under their nose.

The United number 10 was then subjected to racial abuses from some fans just few minutes after the game bit that isn’t going to distract him according to the player himself.

In a lengthy note, a heartbroken Rashford apologized for his missed penalty but insists he owes no one an apology for whom he is because he is Black and proud of that.

Rashford’s statement reads:

“I don’t even know where to start. I felt like I’d let my teammates down. I felt like I’d let everyone down. A penalty kick was all I was asked to contribute to the team. I could score penalties in my sleep so why not? Regret, fear and sadness play in my head over and over again.” Since I hit the ball and there probably isn’t a word to describe exactly how it feels.”

“A ball that determines fate 55 years ago. I wasted it to receive a penalty that will go down in history. All I can say is sorry… I wish things went differently.. while I’m still saying sorry ..I want to greet my teammates..This summer was one of the best camps I’ve had and they all played a part in it..An unbreakable brotherhood has been built..whether it’s the color of my skin.”

“I can criticize my performance all day, the penalty kick wasn’t Good enough, I should have walked in, but I will never apologize for who I am and where I come from. I have never felt a prouder moment than wearing those three lions on my chest and seeing my family cheering for me in a crowd of tens of thousands.”

“I dreamed of days like these. It was the messages that I I received it today positively overwhelming and seeing the reply in Withington made me close to tears …The communities that have always wrapped their arms around me continue to lift me up.. I’m Marcus Rashford, 23, a black man from Withington Wythenshaw, South Manchester. If I don’t have anything else I have it..!!”

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