“I’m dying in the hands of a policeman” – Nasty C opens up on how he was raided by policemen.

Award-winning South Africa rapper, Nasty C has made more revelations on when he was raided by the United States police.

According to him, he was raided by a thirty man cop as he was shooting ‘King’ music video with ASAP Ferg.

Opening up on the ‘Here Comes The Break’ podcast, the International hip hop star, stated that he felt that was the end of the life considering how the police were manned up

“I was in Newyork shooting a video with ASAP Ferg ‘King’ and I have a mild taste of that whole situation, we were shooting in Harlem…I don’t know what happened but we got raided and it was like 13 cops upstairs like putting us in a line, making us put our IDs on the floor, and sh*t, our hands up.

I was like what the f*ck is going on right now and this was fresh off of seeing all these videos and these series so I was like I’m for sure dying right now. I’m dying to the hands of a policeman, this is crazy” he said.

He further disclosed nothing happened to any of the crew on set that day.

“But luckily nothing happened. I just decided to make a song and just get it off my chest. I was more making it just to help the mothers, and the loved ones of the victims heal and a year later unfortunately the situation was relevant again which was crazy.”


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