Fans of The Weeknd are thrilled to hear the singer’s voice for the “first time” in a backstage video from a show in Miami.

Fans were surprised when Canadian musician Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known by his stage name, THE WEEKEND, spoke for the first time. The 20-second film spread like wildfire on Twitter as soon as it became live.

The iconic songs “Call Out My Name,” “Starboy,” and many others by the 32-year-old Canadian musician are known for their instantly recognizable voices.The 20-second clip shows the superstar conversing softly with a fan backstage before his most recent Miami performance. Someone wrote, “Y’all hear his voice! A video of The Weeknd saying to a fan, “I thought you were going to come to the Tampa performance,” was posted. Are you originally from Miami? The supporter replies that he isn’t.

After the video went viral, people who were following The Weeknd on Twitter went a little nuts, saying they had never heard the singer’s original “talking voice” before and had no idea it would sound so different from his singing voice. I was today years old when I realized I’d never heard Abel talk, a Twitter user wrote in response to the video of the singer speaking. Is that the voice he has? I would never have guessed! Additionally, another user tweeted. A fan remarked, “This is the weeknd’s first time speaking,” and another joked, “Wait, he can talk? He sang every word, I think.

Fans immediately linked The Weeknd’s voice to that of comedian Trevor Noah, who said that the singer sounded like “The Daily Show” host. It’s like if Trevor Noah were from Canada, someone tweeted. According to rumors, The Weeknd is dating DJ Simi Khadra, who is 29 years old. Dating rumors that had first appeared in April 2021 gained traction when the two were seen leaving the Sunset Tower hotel together in February 2022. They haven’t stated whether they are dating or recognized their relationship in public yet.