Inside DJ Euphonik’s Family Life With Wives Aurelia Nxumalo And Kholeka Qiniso.

DJ Euphonik is one of the prominent personalities in South African music industry who has helped discovered many great artists including Killer Kau.

Aside his kind heartedness in raising upcoming musicians, he is also one of the richest and the most popular DJs in South Africa.

DJ Euphonik is known to have engaged in polygamous marriage, thus having to wives.

Keep reading as we explore you to know more about the family life with DJ Euphonik’s two wives.

DJ Euphonik’s Life As A Polygamous Man.

Inside DJ Euphonik's Family Life With Wives Aurelia Nxumalo And Kholeka Qiniso.

Themba Nxumalo, popularly known as DJ Euphonik is renowned South African DJ married to two wives.

Kholeka Qiniso Nxumalo is the first wife of the popular DJ. She has three children with the millionaire DJ.

Aurelia Nxumalo on the other hand is also the second wife of DJ Euphonik and a mother of two children with his DJ husband.

Unlike the first wife whose work is not known yet, Aurelia is a young legal practitioner and digital entrepreneur.

DJ Euphonik’s Net Worth And How He Has Been Able To Secure His Family.

With a net worth estimation of R34 million, DJ Euphonik is categorised among the richest musicians in South Africa.

Aside music streamings and endorsement deals, DJ Euphonik is also a real estate developer and owns about 14 properties in South Africa.

Accumulating all these wealth makes it obvious why both of his wives are well taken care of including his five children with the two wives.

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