Insooni Biography ; Inside the Life of South Korea’s R&B Diva

Insooni is a renowned South Korean songstress and recording artiste born on April 5, 1957 in the Gyeonggi province of South Korea.

Insooni is considered to be a full South Korean citizen even though her father Is an African-American, who served in the U.S. military in South Korea.

Her real name is Kim In-soon but grew up to adopt the popular Insooni which she deems fit for her professional music career. A name she took from her birth name In-Soon.


Insoon completed the Cheongsan Middle School of Yeoncheon, in Gyeonggi Province but failed to further up due to difficulties of discrimination she faced.


She made her debut as a musician in 1978 as a member of Hee Sisters and has since climbed on that to record a total of 19 albums, 14 of them being of full-length.


Insooni is married to a professional professional golfer in her native country Park Kyung-bae whom she has one daughter with named Saein Park, also known as Jasmine, born in 1994.


Insooni has recorded many hit songs that led her to becoming a household name in the entirety of South Korea when it comes to the music scene.

Net Worth

After decades of her career, Insooni has a very good worth to brag of an estimated net of $6 million.

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