Interesting facts about Pastor David Wilson

Pastor David E. Wilson (or simply Pastor Wilson) is an American pastor. He got into the known when a video of him engaging in s*x with a woman surfaced online.

He is the senior pastor of Bible Way Ministries and World Reach Out Inc. which is situated in the United States of America.

Not much information can be established about his early life, family and educational background. However, from his looks, the pastor appears to be between the ages of 50 and 60.

He was trained at the online Southwest Bible College and Seminary and he started his ministry shortly after he graduated from the institution.

He also served as the leader of the Black Chamber of Commerce; a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian organisation.

Pastor Wilson is not a Nigerian pastor as much people believes he is, and his interdenominational church is located in Texarkana, Texas.

He runs a consulting business in Texarkana Texas and this is another source of income besides his work as a pastor.

A video of him engaged in  s*x with a woman who was not his wife surfaced online on 16th October 2019, and went viral in a matter of hours trending for days.

According to speculations, the lady who was allegedly seen in the video was Edwards. Edwards was the daughter of Pastor Wilson’s wife’s best friend and that she was a member of Bible Way Ministries and World Reach Out Inc.

Pastor Wison made a video and blasted all those who criticized him for going in bed with his wife.

The leaked s*x video scandal made many people, who didn’t know both Pastor Wilson and his church before, learn about him

A family member of the pastor initially alleged that the video could be fake. According to him, many people are quite skilled at using video editing software to make manipulated videos appear original.

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