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Interesting video of White man fluently speaking twi with Ghanaian passengers in bus.

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-White man dressed in Kente clothes speaks Ghanaian language (Twi) fluently like an Ashanti.

Foreigners who travels to Ghana mostly adapts a lot of our cultural practices and our way of living.

In most of our life practices, the most popular and common language in Ghana, the Asante Twi is what these foreigners wishes to speak but hardly learn.

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As a result, it becomes more interesting to see a White foreigner fluently speaking the Twi language.

This trending video on social media, shows a White man interacting with Ghanaians in the Asante Twi.

The man started that he used to speak a lot of Ghanaian languages like, the Ewe, Krobo and Hausa, but he has forgotten all with the exception of the Twi.

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A Ghanaian man asked from the back seat if he could speak Fante as well and the White man gave a hilarious reaction.

The exact location where this happened is not known yet but it is not in Ghana.

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