The actor and director Alan Rickman has recently passed away due to pancreatic cancer. His diaries are set to be published in 2022, and they have been described as anecdotal, gossipy, and utterly candid.

The book offers an unprecedented insight into Rickman’s life. If you’re asking yourself, “Is he still alive? “, you’re not alone.

Many of us are left wondering if we’re lucky enough to have such a life-changing person in our lives.

Is Alan Rickman still alive

Fortunately, the actor has a full social life. He has appeared in films like “The Big Chill” and “Alice in Wonderland,” and has worked with many charities.

He was an honorary president of the International Performers’ Aid Trust, which works to relieve poverty and injustice around the world.

In the year 2022, he was married to economist Rima Rickman. She served on the Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council from 1986 to 2006.

He spent over a decade on stage and in films, including his iconic role as Hans Gruber in “Die Hard” (1990).

His role in the movie was perfect, upstaged Bruce Willis. His next big role was in the Danish animation “Help! I’m a Fish” (2001).

In addition, he starred in the film “Sense and Sensibility” alongside Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson.

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