Some people have asked: “Is Carl Lentz still a pastor?” – but the answer is a resounding “no.” After all, he was dismissed from Hillsong last November and is now being investigated for infidelity. But his wife, Hailey, is sticking by him – and her church hasn’t commented on his departure. Is he still a good pastor? Let’s find out!

Is Carl Lentz still a pastor

After a day of speculation, Carl Lentz admitted to being unfaithful in his marriage. Vanity Fair reported that he and his wife, Ranin Karim, had an affair. Brian Houston, the founding pastor of Hillsong, sent an email to all staff members of the Hillsong church in New York City informing them of Lentz’s termination. In his email, Houston stated that the decision was made in the “best interest” of everyone.

While Hillsong has publicly apologized for the scandal, it’s unclear what their motives are in the matter. A spokesman for the church said in a statement that the CEO cited leadership issues, a breach of trust, and the recent revelation of moral failures. He thanked Pastor Carl and Laura Lentz for their “integrity and integrity” as leaders of the church, and noted that the scandal had been “inexplicable” since the pastor and his wife had been together for a decade.

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