People from diverse hones are being seen on Love Is Blind day in and day our. And all these people come with different skills and occupation. We are concerned about knowing the truth when it comes to the profile of Colleen Reed being a real ballet dancer or not. Kindly read a bit further to discover more;

Is Colleen From ‘Love Is Blind’ an Actual Ballet Dancer?

The answer is a very big YES! She is a professional ballet dancer.

Colleen Reed’s profile on the Ballet North Texas website is an impressive resume that actually took her from her hometown, Easton, Pennsylvania, to the University of Oklahoma and finally Dallas, Texas, where she is currently dancing today.

Talking about her dancing history, she has danced internationally in Barcelona, where she performed at the Centre de Dansa de Catalunya Gala.

Considering her LinkedIn profile, Colleen is also a Senior Digital PR Strategist at Fractl, which makes us think the dance is her side hustle.

Who is Colleen Reed?

Colleen Reed is originally from Easton, Pennsylvania, where she started dancing under the direction of Oleg Briansky and Mireille Briane, where she continued under Karen Knerr at Pennsylvania Youth Ballet.

Colleen has also danced at summer intensive with The Rock School in Philadelphia, Boston Ballet, Orlando Ballet, Carolina Ballet, and Nashville Ballet.

She later continued her dance training at the University of Oklahoma where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet Performance and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations.

Is Colleen From 'Love Is Blind' an Actual Ballet Dancer?
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