This article focuses on the status of Deshaun Williams from A&E’s ’60 Days In’. Kindly read a bit further to discover more;

There were some rumors sparking around which holds the view that Deshaun Williams is dead. How true are these rumors? Let’s dive in to fish out the truth!

Where is Deshaun Williams from ’60 Days’ in 2022?

The very last time that Deshaun Williams was seen was when he was being escorted through the prison doors. The moment was very heartbreaking for him as it was for viewers Jon said.

Jon, the TV reality star, declined to share any personal information about Dashaun in protection of his privacy, however, he gave some sort of relief to the fans of the series that he was “rallying to help him out!”

Jon in 2017 made a comment on a ’60 Days In’ subreddit saying “I think my biggest concern is that Deshaun will eventually get out of jail and back on the streets without resources”.

Jon emphasized that Deshaun’s legal woes were proof that he “never had anyone to guide him in a positive manner.”

However, we are wondering as it is unclear if the two are still in touch currently.

The next question that comes on board is, so is Deshaun alive? Where is he now? Kindly read further to discover more about;

Is Dashaun Williams From A&E’s ’60 Days In’ Still Alive?

After vividly going through the prison’s current inmate list in June 2022, Deshaun’s name was not found which in other words speaks of him being freed. It can be told that the A&E star, Deshaun Williams, is still alive, however, his whereabouts is what is the issue now.

Deshaun ’60 Days In’ last name

Deshaun from ’60 Days In’ was born Deshaun Williams.


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