Let’s check out on how the youngster, DD Osama born David Reyes, is doing now. Is he dead, sick or he is in good health? Kindly read further to discover more;

Who is DD Osama?

David Reyes, famously and professionally known as DD Osama, born on November 29, 2006, is an American rapper and hip-hop recoding artist, who rose to prominence through the singles Without You, Dead Opps, and 40s N 90s.

Osama could be said to be topping the Harlen drill youngsters as he captures the drill sound with perfection though he is very young at the moment.

His hard work and consistency has has amazingly increased his fanbase on his respective social media pages. He delivers gritty, venomous bars at a very fast speed.

Is DD Osama dead or Alive?- and more
DD Osama— Source: Instagram

Let’s now check out whether DD Osama is alive or dead as most fans request, kindly read further to discover more;

Is DD Osama dead or alive?

DD Osama, born David Reyes, the American rapper and hip-hop recoding artist, is currently alive and working extremely hard to serve his fans and the world with good tunes. But inside this good news of him being alive, there’s also a bad news somewhere.

The bad news is, his younger brother outside his parents, Notti Osama, who picked the steps of him, has reportedly been stabbed to death on a subway at Manhattan on July 9, 2022. The Dream of the two working together as they’ve planned seems to come to an end but DD is keeping the legacy lit as he is still working very hard.

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Few after it was confirmed that Notti has passed away, Osama with pains in his heart took to his social media pages where he tweeted “Like why did leave me? Why you tell me that death is easy?”

DD Osama with many other collaborations recorded a tribute song, E4N, for Notti on July 19, 2022.

DD Osama music videos

Let’s dive into the personal life of DD Osama. Kindly read a bit further to discover more;

DD Osama age

Being born on November 29, 2006, Brooklyn Hospital, New York, DD Osama, born David Reyes, is 15 years old as of 2022.

DD Osama net worth 2022

The youngester, DD Osama, seems to have chosen the right career path as he started music just recently but has already accumulated more than $100,000 to himself.


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