FBI: Most Wanted is an American crime drama television series created by René Balcer and produced by Wolf Entertainment that was ordered into a series by CBS in May 2019.

In May 2022, CBS renewed the series for a fourth and fifth season. The fourth season premiered on September 20, 2022.

Hana Gibson, a vital character in the movie is reported to be leaving the set. Find out exactly what happened and why Hana may be leaving the sets of FBI: Most Wanted.

Who Is Hana Gibson On FBI: Most Wanted?

Hana Gibson is an FBI Special Agent and Intelligence Analyst for the Team. She is also the team’s hacker, often providing them with the information they need on their latest case.

The character of Hana is played by Keisha Castle-Hughes. Hana is the main character in the movie and has been appearing since the premiere of the first season.

Is Hana Leaving FBI: Most Wanted?

FBI: Most Wanted’s actors inform the team ahead of time when they’re ready to say goodbye to the show. Keisha has however not made any comments to suggest she is leaving the show anytime soon. No comments have also been made by the producers of the show.

When asked if she is leaving the show, Keisha did not give any definite answer about the future of Hana on FBI: Most Wanted. She however told her fans not to worry about Hana’s future on the show.

She told Distractify that “Around here, we will keep everyone on their toes at all times. We never know, you know, often I’m finding out things with the fans. So we just kind of, we’re hoping that maybe there’ll be some blessings … and maybe not as much stress, but who knows?”

Is Hana Leaving FBI: Most Wanted?

What Happened To Hana On FBI: Most Wanted?

In an episode in season 2, Hana was shot after LaCroix’s (Julian McMahon) team was assigned to the kidnapping case of Amelia Cartwright’s (Lucy Walters) daughter, Gracie (Aria Kane).

The entire kidnapping had been planned by Amelia in other to intimidate her husband and stepson who seemed to be making things difficult for her.

In season4, Hana is kidnapped by a child trafficker after she tries to intervene on Ollie’s behalf. Ollie was a young girl who Hana noticed was in trouble while she was on a break from the Fugitive Task Force.

Hana had left to take a break at her sister’s house in Connecticut. In an interview with Distractify, Keisha revealed that the whole scene will affect Hana’s character.

She said, “I think moving forward, you know, we’re going to see different parts of Hana come out. Until now, we see [that she] uses humour in the workplace to maybe mask a lot of feelings. She’s not the most emotional person and she can be quite pragmatic and logical.”

Who Left FBI: Most Wanted?

Since the debut of the show in 2018, several cast has left the show. Nathaniel Arcand was the first to leave after season 2. He played the role of Special Agent Clinton Skye.

After season 3, Juliann McMahon also left the show after the death of her character, Jesse Jess LaCroix. In later interviews, Julian told Variety that he had to leave to favour additional creative pursuits.

Kellan Lutz also was forced to leave the show after his character, Special Agent Kenny Cosby sustained a life-threatening injury in 2021.


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