If you’ve been wondering, “Is Jack Reacher on Netflix?” then you’re in luck. The new television series is based on the popular novels by Lee Child, and the first instalment is available now on Amazon Prime. It stars Tom Cruise as the title character. In addition to the television series, the first book in the series is also available on Amazon Prime. If you haven’t read the books yet, they’re a must-read.

The new series will premiere on Amazon in early 2020, based on the first of the 25 Reaching novels. The showrunner is Nick Santora, and Alan Ritchson is the 6’4″ star who plays the title character.

The series is expected to run for 10 or 11 episodes, and it will be directed by David Fincher. There will also be a cast that includes Tom Cruise, who has a similar physique to Reacher, and a lot of interesting characters.

The new series is based on the first book in the Jack Reacher series, “Killing Floor.” It follows a police investigator who has recently returned from the military.

He arrives in Margrave, Georgia, and is confronted with the town’s first murder in 20 years. After proving his innocence, the police arrest him. The plot twists as Reacher tries to prove his innocence. A deep-seated conspiracy begins to unravel, as he tries to clear his name.

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