American Professional basketball player, Jimmy Butler and singer Selena Gomez have been in a reported love affair but that is entirely not true according to some sources also.

Did Selena Gomez Date Jimmy Butler?

Jimmy Butler and Selena Gomez were allegedly in a romantic relationship according to many rumors that hit the internet.

This rumors were sparked After the two reportedly hanged out with each other and spotted on different occasions together.

But close to them had said that there was nothing like a romantic affair between them as they remain friends only so it indicates Jimmy Butler and Selena Gomez never dated.

Jimmy Butler and Selena Gomez spotted together
Jimmy Butler and Selena Gomez Spotted together

Is Jimmy Butler in a relationship with Selena Gomez?

With one child to his name, Jimmy Butler is highly rumored to be dating another woman in the name of Selena Gomez since December 2020. According to sources, there were photos circulating on Social media where the two were spotted together.

However this rumors also came out to be false, in-fact it has been reported that the photos were badly photoshopped.

How did Jimmy Butler meet Selena Gomez?

Jimmy Butler and Selena Gomez were spotted together for the first time while having dinner at Lucien in New York City, according to several media channels. They then hanged out a few times whenever Selena was in town.

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