John Graff is a character on The Watcher. John is also The Watcher in the movie. The character of John is suspected to be one of the fictions created by Netflix in the movie. Read on to find out if John is a fictional character and what inspired his character.

Who Is John Graff?

John Graff is a character in The Watcher. In the movie, John lived with his wife and two children at 657 Boulevard until 1995 – when John killed his family.

John had been tormented by The Watcher. After she left the house of The Watcher, he was never seen again.

In the movie, John lost his job, he began stealing from his mother in order to keep up appearances. At some point, John began receiving letters from the Watcher. Soon after, he murdered his entire family.

The character of John Graff was played by Joe Mantello.

Is John Graff From The Watcher Based On A Real Person?

Yes, John Graff is based on a real person. The character of John Graff was based on John List. Although The Watcher has some fiction in the story, most of the events in the story are true.

According to John List’s Wikipedia page, much of the character John Graff was clearly borrowed from the John List murders.

Who Is John List?

John List was an American mass murderer and long-time fugitive. On November 9, 1971, he killed his wife, mother, and three children at their home in Westfield, New Jersey, and then disappeared.

List assumed a new identity, remarried, and eluded justice for nearly 18 years. He was finally apprehended in Virginia on June 1, 1989, after the story of his murders was broadcast on the television program America’s Most Wanted.

List was convicted on five counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to five consecutive terms of life imprisonment, making him ineligible for parole for nearly 75 years.

What Happened To John List?

List died of complications from pneumonia aged 82 on March 21, 2008, while imprisoned at St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton, New Jersey.


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