Jonathan Daviss is an American actor.

He is known for his starring role as Pope Heyward in the Netflix drama series Outer Banks. He also starred in Age of Summer and Shattered Memories.

Jonathan was born on  February 28, 2000. He is currently 21 years old. He was raised in Conroe, Texas.

He graduated from Santa Monica College. He attended Conroe High School where he played football.

There is not much information about Jonathan.

He is known to come from a family of 4.

Jonathan, his mother, and his sister moved to California when he was 17 so he can pursue his career.

He has a younger sister, his mother sold his house and they moved to California for him to pursue an acting career.

Is Jonathan Daviss Single?

Yes, Jonathan Daviss is single. He is currently not in any relationship.

There were rumors that he was dating

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