Is Josh Brolin Married? Actor Josh James Brolin is currently single. He has a son, Caleb. He has been nominated for two Academy Awards and has won a number of other awards.

His wife is actress Rachel McAdams. Despite the numerous accolades Brolin has received, it is still unclear if he is married.

However, the recent success of his career means that his love life is in good shape.

According to a new biography, Brolin is married to Kathryn Boyd. They were together for a few years before becoming romantically involved. During the film premiere of A Beautiful Mind, Brolin and Lane reconnected and began dating.

They married in 2004, just months after their first meeting. Their children have not been revealed, but Josh and Kathryn Brolin remain very close. Despite their differences, Brolin and Lane remain very happy.

The two have two children from previous relationships. During his marriage to Alice Adair, Josh and Kathryn had two daughters.

The actors also have two stepchildren, Max and Levi. Their love for each other has helped them achieve their career goals. In October 2018, Brolin shared a photo of him drunk with his kids, which went viral. The actor then apologized on social media and said the photo was taken without permission.

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