Kristian Kiko Alonso famously known as Kiko Alonso for short, born on August 14, 1990, is a former American football player. In the 2013 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills, Alonso was drafted in the second round.

After being with the Bills in a season of play, Alonso missed his second season due to a torn anterior cruciate ligament and he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for half halfback LeSean McCoy.

Due to his irregular show ups with the Eagles, Alonso was traded to the Miami Dolphins, becoming an entrenched starter for three years before he was traded again to the Saints.

Alonso in the year 2020, was traded to the 49ers.

He was traded four times in his NFL career, which is tied with Eric Dickerson for an NFL record.

A day after Alonso signed a contract with the Sants in 2022, he retired.

As at August 2022, Kiko Alonso is not yet engaged to anyone.


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