Is King Promise Related to Hudson Odoi ?, Here is All You Need To Know

Is King Promise Related to Hudson Odoi?, Well if this question has been on your mind, then here is the right post for you to get the right answer.

King Promise is a Ghanaian Singer, Born as Gregory Bortey Newman, King Promise  is a Ga who basically grew up in the Nungua Enclave of the Greater Accra Region.

Since announcing his presence on the music space around 2018, King Promise has become one of the promising male vocalist in Ghana.

In all of these he has made some very good allies one of which is with Chelsea Winger Callum Hodson Odoi.

The big question is, is King Promise Promise Related to Callum Hodson Odoi ?

Callum Odoi Odoi and King Promise

Facts is both Promise and Odoi are from the greater Accra region even though Callum Hodson Odoi was born in London, his father Bismarck Odoi is a former Ghanaian footballer from Accra and thus a Ga just like King Promise is.

Callum Hodson Odoi’s father is also from Nungua a suburb of Accra a place King Promise is also from.

King Promise and Odoi are however Good Friends and not blood related as family members.

When Odoi visited Ghana in June 2021, he was largely seen in the company of King Promise throughout his stay in Ghana.

They have shared a number of time together also in London anytime King Promise is in London.

King Promise and Callum Hodson Odoi

So there you have it, King Promise and Callum Hodson  Odoi are not blood related, however they have proven to be good friends.

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