As an actor, Kirsten Storms is well known in the movie industry. Her television credits include Kim Possible (2002), Days of Our Lives (2005), and General Hospital (2005). (1999).

Beginning in the middle of the 1990s, Storms began to perform. Ashley in Second Noah was one of her first roles. Over the course of her distinguished career, she has won numerous accolades, including the 2001 Sopa Opera Digest Award.

On General Hospital, is Kirsten Storms’ character, “Maxie,” pregnant?

Kirsten Storms, a former mother, is apparently expecting another kid. Harper Rose is the name of her child. These claims began to circulate online when her admirers noticed that she had put on some weight.

This isn’t accurate because she’s just expecting on “General Hospital,” not in real life. In January 2014, she gave birth to her one and only child.

When the actress added, “If you wouldn’t say something to a person on the street, don’t say it on the internet,” she was categorically denying having a second child.

She is now dating Elias Paul Reidy after divorcing singer Brandon Barash. Many thought she had a child with the well-known musician. However, these rumors have been proven false and are no longer believed.

Details on Kirsten Storms’ weight gain

Kirsten Storms gained some weight to fit the description of her pregnant role in General Hospital. She plays Maxie in the 58th season of the show.

The actress might have appeared a touch overweight on television. But she hasn’t really put on that much weight. She looks very different on set, thanks in large part to her wardrobe and false pregnancy stomach.

Storms stands 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs roughly 57 kilograms. She has blonde hair, green eyes, and fair skin. Her full name is Kristen Renee Storms.

In 2021, the actress underwent brain surgery. It wasn’t cancer; she had the procedure to remove a cyst. Kirsten is currently in excellent health and free of any illnesses.

Meet Kirsten Storms’ Husband: The Storms Family

Her parents, WCPX-TV sportscaster Mike Storms and Karen Storms, raised Kirsten. The television personality was raised in the Greater Orlando area.

Her siblings include Austin, her brother; Gretchen, her younger sister; and Chris, her half-brother. When she was five years old, she enrolled in a dating class since she had always desired to work in the film industry.

The seasoned actress and Brandon Barash were previously married. In June 2013, the former couple exchanged vows at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. They later divorced in 2016. She is seeing musician Elias Paul right now.

Kirsten likes to upload pictures to her social media pages. She goes by the username @kirstenstorms on Instagram. She has a big following of about 400k on Facebook.

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