Since his music video for ‘Mood Swings,’ Tjay has been dating Lala Baptiste. She is an actress and recently had a fight with Rubi Rose over her new boyfriend. During the fight, Lala set up Tjay and Rubi Rose on a date but didn’t pay for her return flight. Rubi Rose took the incident as a humiliation, but Lala disagrees.

Rumors about a relationship between Lil Tjay and Rubi Rose have come and gone in the past few years. Tjay and Rubi were spotted hanging out together on social media during the first weekend of May 2020. While they appeared affectionate, they had a fight about money. While the pair are no longer officially together, Rubi and Tjay have reportedly been inseparable.

Lala Baptiste is another Instagram model and social media influencer. She also has a YouTube channel and millions of followers. While Lil Tjay is single, she has a devoted fan base who keep in touch with her. The pair recently shared their personal details on YouTube. And if you’re wondering whether he’s single, now’s the time to start dating her!

After a year of seemingly being happy together, Lala and Tjay suddenly stopped following each other on social media. Fans immediately thought the two had broken up. However, Lala addressed the issue in an Instagram Live where she told people to stay out of their relationship and “stay in their lane.” While she didn’t say whether the two were still together, she did mention that the problems he is facing don’t involve her.

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