The question, “Is Lil Tjay Jamaican?” keeps a lot of music lovers up at night. But is the singer from the island actually Jamaican? To find out, read on. Lil Tjay began streaming his music on SoundCloud in 2017. He competed in the Coast 2 Coast LIVE NYC All Ages Edition and won the competition. He got 18.2 million views on SoundCloud within eight months.

The Bronx native, Tione Jayden Merritt, has a Jamaican connection. Apparently, he flew to Jamaica with a private helicopter. He stayed at a villa overlooking the sea, and the two of them were spotted working on music. He also shared photos of himself on Instagram. Lil Tjay is known to enjoy Jamaican cuisine. In fact, his Instagram stories showed pictures of him enjoying Jamaican food.

Tjay’s mother had two children while he was growing up. His father was absent when he was born and he had to live hand to mouth. Tjay’s mother worked all hours to support her children. She later moved to New York City and began recording with a label. He landed a record deal with Columbia Records. This paved the way for his successful career.

While he is considered a Jamaican, his real ethnicity is unknown. The rapper was born in the South Bronx and raised in a Catholic home. He participated in the Bronx Dancing Academy. Lil Tjay was arrested for getting into fights at a young age. He later spent a year in a youth apprehension facility. However, his mother had no recollection of this time.

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