Madison Lilly Bailey is an American actress. She is known for her starring role as Kiara Carrera on the Netflix teen drama series Outer Banks.

Bailey started acting at age 15. She initially started as a singer but transitioned to acting and modeling because she suffered from stage fright when singing in front of people.

Bailey was born on January 29, 1999, in Kernersville, North Carolina, United States, and was raised in Charleston.

She has an older half-brother Orion Bailey, an older half-sister Trinity Bailey, a younger half-brother Meraki, an younger sister Kendra Bailey and a brother Michael Bailey.

Her adoptive mother died in 2018; she and her two sisters have a tattoo in honor of her memory.

Bailey attended East Forsyth High School in Kernersville.

She began her professional acting career in 2015, appearing in TV series such as Mr. Mercedes and Constantine. In 2018, she was cast as Wendy Hernandez, in the CW science fiction TV series Black Lightning. She played the role for two seasons.

Is Madison Bailey Single?

Madison Bailey is dating. She is in a relationship with Mariah Linney.

Mariah Linney is a basketball player.

Madison is a pansexual.

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