Is Mapula Mafole Switching Careers?

Mapula Mafole, Rhythm City star, proves she is a woman of many talents as she showcases her new skills.

She is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a popular DJ. She said she has always wanted to be a DJ.

Mapula also encouraged her fans to chase their dreams while they still have a chance.

“Grew up around DJ’s and I always wanted to do this thing that they do… I highly recommend chasing your dreams whilst you’re still alive. If God is for you, doesn’t matter who’s against you.” She tweeted.

She then took to Instagram to ask her followers to rate her mixing skills.

“House In The House. I played some house in the house 🏠… please rate my mixing from 1 – 10 😬 If you’re gonna rate me less than 5 then please refrain from commenting. We don’t need any more negativity in this world of Covid,” Wrote by Mapula.

Mapula has publicly expressed her sadness over Rhythm City’s canning.

Taking to Twitter, she said she can’t believe that the show is coming to an end and she hopes that God opens other doors for her.

“Waking for work… can’t believe RC days are coming to an end soon. It’s really been a journey of growth. I’ll always be grateful. Now I pray God opens new doors for me… so many great shows on SA tv I’ve been watching. So much talent!! I pray there’s a place for me,” she tweeted.

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