Is Obi Cubana Richer than Burna Boy?

Is Obi Cubana Richer than Burna Boy?, is among the top asked questions on the internet and this post will give you the answer back with other relevant details.

Is Obi Cubana Richer than Davido?

If you are thus asking Is Obi Cubana Richer than Burna Boy,m? the simple and precise answer is YES, Obi Cubana is Richer than Burna Boy.

Here are relevant facts to support the above assertion.

Obi Cubana

Obi Cubana is not a new name when it comes to flaunting wealth, the hospitality and entertainment investor have properties scattered across Nigeria.

Is Obi Cubana Richer than E-Money ?

If not for anything, his mother’s funeral in July 2021 was a test of how connected he is with the elite class and rich people in Nigeria as he himself is rich too.

It is estimated that Obi Cubana is worth a staggering $96 million.

He is the owner of Cubana Groups.

Burna Boy on the other hand is estimated to worth 19 million dollars.

Burna Boy

The Grammy award winner makes his monies largely from the sale of his album, playing shows and through endorsements deals not forgetting earnings from digital platforms which stream his music.

Burna Boy is also living life with his wealth.

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