Last on the list is the most popular YouTube channel, Okbaby, which has more than 1.49 million subscribers. Fans who were looking forward to the Circle of Relatives’ vlogs have been crushed by the insider information that their YouTube channel will not exist.

The couple began documenting each of their children as soon as they were born and vlogged their lives together. On the other hand, the decision to stop the channel was made once the two split up.

Okbaby’s top: information is revealed

Two YouTubers, Kyra Sivertson and Oscar Morales, who made a living by sharing their daily lives with the world, are about to say goodbye to their channel, Okbaby. The parents of the four children called off their engagement earlier this year and announced their split on their YouTube channel.

The couple announced their separation after being divorced, and because their YouTube channel is the only thing keeping them together—aside from the kids—it would be a good idea to stop making movies so they can lead different lives. In the video, Oscar states that they should stop producing movies together in order to be more productive, pointing out how peculiar the location has changed.

Throughout the video, the couple discussed how the hardest aspect of their divorce was deciding who would get custody of their four children. Oscar and Kyra also considered how they had spent their entire life on YouTube as they made their first video, acquired their first apartment jointly, began working at their first real job to start a family, acquired a house, acquired a car, and undoubtedly welcomed their children.

The couple are named in the epilogue of the video:

“Oscar and Kyra and a lot of other kids are who we really are; we’re no longer Okbaby,” the group said.

Recently, Oscar and Kyra have been operating on separate, personal channels. Instead, they uploaded a message saying that they would be releasing three more movies, the last ones to be released on this channel. After that, they would stop releasing videos and let viewers watch them on their own channels instead.

Both parties admitted to mistakes in their relationships at the divorce announcement a few months ago, but at the time, netizens lambasted Kyra for divorcing Oscar because that was the message presented in the film. The couple went on to say that if they ended their marriage amicably, it would be better for their children.

They agreed to share their channel with Okbaby at the appointed time, but it has undoubtedly proven to be much more difficult than they may have anticipated. When the couple announced their breakup earlier this year, there were rumors that Kyra might have cheated on Oscar. However, it was later revealed that nothing of the sort had actually occurred. In any event, the decision to divide approaches used to be a shared one.

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