Is Putin married? That’s a question many people have on their mind. After all, the Russian president has been married before and is the current president of Russia. And what about Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya? Well, she was his first wife, and he was the former prime minister of Russia. She was also Putin’s second wife before becoming president. So is Putin married?

While the Russian President does not acknowledge his relationship with any other woman, he has two daughters with Lyudmila Shkrebnev. Although they never publicly acknowledged it, both of them have been born in Russia. One daughter, Maria, was born in Leningrad. The other, Katerina, was born in Germany. Both girls attended university under false identities. They have not been married publicly, but there are many rumors about them.

It is possible that Putin is not married. Lyudmila Putin has spoken about her husband’s employment and his frequent absences from home. However, she has not hinted that he has been betrayed. Apparently, Putin is content that their former lovers have dispersed without quarrels and respect each other. But who can know for sure? And how did she get away with this? Only the upcoming presidential elections will tell us.

Although we have no official information about their relationship, people believe that Putin is married to Kabaeva. But the Kremlin has denied rumors of a romance between the Russian president and his Kabaeva. In 2008, a Russian tabloid claimed that Putin was planning to marry Kabaeva. However, after the rumors spread, the newspaper closed down. While we cannot be sure of this, it is likely that the children from Kabaeva are real.

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