Rocky Carroll is one of the main casts in NCIS. He plays the role of Director Vance. NCIS has recently been going through changes. Among the changes is the rumour that Rocky Carroll will be leaving NCIS. But is it true? Let’s find out.

Who Is Rocky Carroll?

Roscoe “Rocky” Carroll is an American actor and director. He is known for his roles as Joey Emerson on the Fox comedy-drama Roc, and as Dr Keith Wilkes on the CBS medical drama Chicago Hope.

Rocky has also been known for being NCIS Director Leon Vance on the CBS drama NCIS and its spinoffs Los Angeles and New Orleans.

Carroll has directed more than a dozen episodes of NCIS and the Magnum, P.I. episode “May the Best One Win.”

Is Rocky Carroll’s Director Vance Leaving NCIS in Season 20?

It is not known if Rocky Carroll is leaving NCIS or not. There has been no information about him leaving the show yet.

No comments have been made by Rocky, CBS or the producers of the show if Rockyy will be leaving after season 20 or not.

It is believed that Carroll will not be leaving NCIS anytime soon. While actors announce their departure before the end of the show. In the case of Carroll, no information has been made known by them to the public yet.

Is Rocky Carroll's Director Vance Leaving NCIS in Season 20?

How Long Has Rocky Carroll Been On NCIS?

Rocky Carroll has been on NCIS since he made his debut in season 5. Rocky made his debut on the series in an episode titled Internal Affairs.

Rocky Carroll made his first NCIS appearance in the Season 5 episode “Internal Affairs,” which aired some 14 years ago. He was a recurring cast member in Season 5, before being promoted to the main cast in Season 6.

What Happened To Director Vance On NCIS?

In the October 17, 2022 episode entitled “Guardian,” the NCIS director was the victim of a home invasion. Vance had previously been tortured in season 15. His wife was also killed in season 10.

Fans were concerned that Vance would be harmed during the home invasion or possibly be killed off in whatever happened next as Agent Alden Parker and the team stepped up to investigate.

However, later in the episode, CBS showed that Vance is still alive, well, and in charge of NCIS, with Parker and the crew doing their job to protect their boss and friend.


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