The Watcher is an American mystery thriller television miniseries created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan for Netflix.

The story follows the true event of a married couple who, after moving into their dream home in Westfield, New Jersey, is harassed by letters signed by a stalker named The Watcher.

It premiered on October 13, 2022. It is based on a 2018 article for New York’s “The Cut” by Reeves Wiedeman.

Viewers have complicated reviews on the character of Roger Kaplan. Although some believe the character is based on a real person, others also see it otherwise.

Read on to find out where the inspiration for the Roger Kaplan character is really from.

Is Roger Kaplan In The Watcher Based On A Real Person?

Yes, Roger Kaplan in The Watcher is based on a real person. The character is based on a real teacher called Robert Kaplow.

This is no news since The Watcher story is based on real-life events. According to his Wikipedia profile, Robert Kaplow is a teacher who taught at a high school. He is also a novelist just as shown in the movie.

Who Is Robert Kaplow?

Robert Kaplow is an American novelist and teacher. Robert is known for his novel titled Me and Orson Welles. Me and Orson Welles was turned into a movie in 2008.

Kaplow has written nine books and used to teach English language and film studies at Summit High School in New Jersey.

Robert has also received positive reviews from The New York Times which described it as “nimble, likeable and smart.”

Where Is Robert Kaplow Now?

In 2014, Robert eas reported having retired from teaching.

According to The Cut, Kaplow’s students recalled how he was “obsessed” with a particular house in Westfield. One student remembered how Kaplow had stated he had sent more than 50 letters to the house.

In an interview with The Cut, Robert said the suspicions lobbied against him were false and he never sent threatening letters. He said that the only letters he sent were “admiring,” and that he wrote to a different house — not 657 Boulevard (where the Broaddus family lived).


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