Dr Dean Archer has been one of the fan’s favourite characters since his debut on the show in season 6. Although he has rude behaviour, Dean has become very exciting to watch. But the question remains, is Dean Archer leaving Chicago Med?

Who Is Dean Archer On ‘Chicago Med’?

Dean Archer is an experienced trauma surgeon and emergency physician. He is also a mentor to Dr Ethan Choi having formerly served in the Navy together.

Dean has been featured in the show since his debut in season 6. The character is played by Steven Weber.

Is Dean Archer Leaving ‘Chicago Med’?

No, Dean Archer is not leaving Chicago Med. Steve will appear in season 8 of Chicago Med.

According to Deadline, Steve Wever has signed a one-year contract extension. This basically means Dean Archer will be will continue to be on the show.

Deadline also disclosed that Weber will be a regular cast on the show.

What Happened To Dean Archer On ‘Chicago Med’?

The Oct. 19 episode, “Yep, This is the World We Live In,” sees Dr Archer facing off against an aggressive patient. From what we can tell from the preview, things get violent as the patient proceeds to bludgeon Dr Archer with all sorts of heavy metal.

The episode also directly deals with the return of Med cast member Yaya DaCosta as April Saxton in a recurring capacity.

Who Left ‘Chicago Med’?

As of season 8, only one character has left the television series. Torrey DeVitto was removed by the producers of the show. His position was however filled by Jessy Schram as Dr Hannah Asher.


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