Is Sydel Curry related to Stephen Curry

Sydel Curry is undoubtedly one of the talented Volleyball players one can find in the United States Of America with Stephen Curry also a renowned NBA star so here is the question ‘ Is Sydel Curry related to Stephen Curry ‘.

She is well known as a College player but went on to make several appearances for the Elon Phoenix women’s volleyball team of the CAA Conference.

Her two parents Dell Curry and Sonya Curry are all sports personalities but with different choices, her mother was a Volleyball player and her Father a Basketball player.

Is Sydel Curry related to Stephen Curry
Sydel Curry and Stephen Curry

At this point you could see anything Curry has some sports genre in them and that brings our minds to Popular NBA star Stephen Curry.

Ladies and gentlemen are you thinking thr Golden State Warriors star man is also part of this Particular Curry family hence related to Sydel? Your thought is right.

Stephen Curry and Sydel Curry are blood siblings. The NBA star was the first born of their parents back in 1988 before their other brother Seth Curry also followed.

Sydel Curry is the last born and only daughter to their parents as well as the only sister Stephen Curry is having.

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