Is Sydel curry still playing Volleyball

Born into a family of sports, Sydel Curry followed the Career path of her mother and established herself as a Volleyball player.

More than a coincidence, his two brothers Seth Curry and Steph Curry also choose that of their father’s own and also became renowned NBA stars.

The three have so far enjoyed successful careers with their respective teams. Sydel being the only female among them got herself a big role as the captain of her School’s volleyball team.

In her days playing for Charlotte Christian, Sydel was a four-year starter of which she was the captain out of three of those years.

Sydel won a four time ‘CISAA All- Conference’ selection from 2009 to 2012 and a two time ‘NCISAA All- State’ selection between 2011 and 2012.

Unfortunately, Sydel’s body couldn’t allow her to continue doing what she foes best, volleyball. She gave up on playing volleyball and all other sporting activities after a severe injury in 2017.

She dislocated her knees which took her several years to fix and till date, Sydel has never returned to the volleyball court. so basically Sydel Curry is no longer playing Volleyball.

So What Next for Sydel Curry after giving up on Volleyball?

After her decision through doctors advice to call it a quit on Volleyball, Sydel went straight into YouTubing and now has her own channel called “A Curry Girl” where She shares videos and content related to lifestyle, fashion, beauty and as well as engaging her fans by activating the question and answer sessions for various interactions.

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