The US commemorates his life. Martin Luther King Jr. is scheduled to be observed on the 17th of January on a Monday as Americans commemorate the achievements as one of most important leaders of the civil rights movement.

Martin Luther King Day?
Martin Luther King Day? Image Source: Newsweek

He was killed in April 1968. However, the creation of a federal holiday was in his honour.

Do you receive any mail available on Martin Luther King Day?

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is one of the 11 official holidays recognized by the United States Postal Service (USPS) every year.

On the 17th of January, on Monday the post office will close as well. Postal Service will not deliver regular mail or parcels.

Although USPS might not be sending out deliveries, customers can buy stamps, print mailing labels, purchase boxes and other postal supplies and request pickup of packages through an account, as per the USPS website.

Operations will be resumed as usual on the 18th of January.

What’s not open on Martin Luther King Jr Day?

There is no banking today, Martin Luther King Jr Day since today is an official holiday for the United States.

A majority of the banks, including Chase, Capital One, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Santander will be closed.

It is expected that the stock market, Nasdaq trading as well as bond market will be closed during the Christmas holiday.

The state, county, city, as well as federal offices, will close on MLK Day.

But, retailers like Target as well as Walmart will remain in operation.

Many chain restaurants, such as McDonald’s and Starbucks are also in operation today, along with shopping malls.

What time when is Martin Luther King Day celebrated?

Martin Luther King Day is observed every year during the 3rd Monday in January.

Dr King’s birthday falls on the 15th of January, so the holiday is sometimes observed on the 15th of January, in accordance with the calendar.

However, the earliest date on which the holiday can be observed is January 21.

All federal employees get paid for their work, regardless of whether they get their day off.

It is considered an opportunity to advocate for equality of rights for all Americans regardless of race or gender, ethnic religion, or background.

Many federal offices and workplaces are closed on the day in honour of him.

In the schools, a lot of students learn about the achievements King made through his time in the United States.

Federal legislation and private organizations have pushed Americans to give their time during the day.

MLK Jr. Day has grown to be the most well-known day on the calendar of volunteerism in the community.

King was fatally shot to death in the hands of James Earl Ray on April 4th, 1968.

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