“It took Shatta Wale to teach you common Copyright Law so who is more confused” – Angry SM fan blast Arnold Baidoo

– Entertainment Critic Arnold Baidoo is about ti face the wrath of Shatta Movement

– This follows is rants on Shatta Wale during a studio discussion on UTV

– Arnold during the discussion brand the SM boss as the most Confused and Inconsistent artist in Ghana

As l always say, having arguably the largest fanbase in Ghana, Shatta Wale is the last person you will like to attack. Even though having a fearless go at him will put your name across media headlines, it has its own Consequences.

His Fan’s just won’t let you go without facing their wraths whether you are right or wrong, they will still make you look ugly in the media and that is what’s about to happen from the very day Arnold step on Shatta Wale’s toe.

Arnold after detailing some major points raised by Shatta Wale in his State of the Industry address insists those are points Musiga once came out with and he (Shatta Wale) failed to support it. The UTV panelist as a result brand Shatta as inconsistent and confused.

Reacting to the news one Shatta Fan angrily fires back with claims It was on the same platform the SM boss schooled him (Arnold) on copyright laws hence he has no right to be branding him as a confused person.

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