Jamal Edwards was a British music entrepreneur, DJ, and founder of SB.TV, an online music platform. He was an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, a youth charity that helps young people set up their businesses.

Jamal Edwards was born on  24 August 1990 in Luton, England. He grew up in Acton, west London. He grew up with his parents and younger sister. HE attended action High School and then Ealing Green college.

Jamal’s career began when he was still in high school. He started as a rapper. In 2006, he launched his YouTube channel called SBTV. He used to upload his freestyle videos on the YouTube channel. His YouTube channel currently has over a million subscribers.SBTV has helped in the rise of various artists including Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, and Jessie J, among others.

He was also involved in other ventures. He released a headwear collection called Topman. He also directed the Chelsea FC remix video of Cappo Lee’s Style and Swag. In 2019, he founded Jamal Edwards Delve (JED). In 2021, Edwards signed to RadicalMedia as a director.

In 2013, Edwards released an ebook, Self Belief: The Vision: How To Be a Success on Your Terms. According to iBooks, the book achieved success and was the number-one bestselling ebook series. Edwards helped launch the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme with an image of Edwards, Prince William, and Prince Harry captured by a Twitter mirror.

Jamal Edwards Siblings

Jamal Edwards had only one sibling; a sister. Her younger sister is known as Tanisha Edwards.

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