Javorius Tykies Scott, known professionally as JayDaYoungan, was an American rapper and singer. He was best known for his singles 23 Island, Elimination and Opps.

Jaydayoungan died after he was shot in his home along with his father. His sexuality was never cleared before his death. Although he claimed to be straight, his girlfriend also claimed otherwise.

Read on to find out more about Jay’s sexuality?

Who Was Jaydayoungan?

Jaydayoungan was an American rapper and singer. He was best known for his singles “23 Island”, “Elimination”, and “Opps”, which have received 49, 27, and 26 million respective streams on SoundCloud as of November 2020.

He was born on July 15, 1998, in Bogalusa, Louisiana. He began his rapping career at the age of 18 and dropped out of high school to pursue his career.

Jaydayoungan released the mixtapes Forever 23 (2018), Endless Pain (2019), and his debut commercial mixtape Misunderstood (2019), which peaked at number 43 on the US Billboard 200. His debut studio album, Baby23, was released on June 5, 2020.

Was Jaydayoungan Gay Before He Died?

No, JAydayoungan was not gay. He was straight.

Jaydayoungan never had any gay relationship. His only known relationship was with his girlfriend, Cuban Doll. He was not known to have had any relationship with the same sex.

News of Jaydayoungan being gay started after his girlfriend tweeted that she’d found gay stuff on his phone. In the tweet she wrote, “The real reason me & jay broke up I went through his phone & seen gay stuff. Ain’t nothing with that I never said anything because I don’t think he ready to tell y’all maybe I’m wrong for even saying this but it’s honest truth.”

Jaydayoungan subsequently replied saying, “Bitch all in her feelings cus ainn give her dick in a month now she on Twitter calling me gay when she know I drop real good dick & that Pussy need spit so I rather her swallow my babies,”

Jaydayoungan Girfriend

Jaydayoungan was in a relationship with Cuban Doll. However, they broke up before his death. It was reported that they got back together but it was never confirmed.

According to Cuban, he broke up with Jay because he was gay. She had allegedly found gay stuff on his phone.

What Happened To Jaydayoungan?

On July 27, 2022, Jaydayoungan and his father were sitting on the front lawn of their Bogalusa home when a black truck arrived and three armed gunmen got out.

They tried running inside the home, but two additional gunmen came from the side of the house and opened fire. His father, Scott Sr. produced his own firearm and shot back in self-defence.

Jaydayoungan was shot at least eight times and died at a local Bogalusa hospital. Scott Sr. was shot twice in the arm and was in stable condition.

Jaydayoungan Funeral

Jaydayoungan’s funeral was held in the auditorium of his former high school in Bogalusa, Louisiana. He was buried on August 7, 2022.


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